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How to Select a Fit-size Diaper for Your Little One

Oct 18,2022 | Acebabe

Diaper size chart by weight.

       As a new mom or dad, are you also troubled by not knowing how to choose the size of diapers? 

Babies grow fast, but parents don't know when to change diaper sizes for their child. This article will tell you how to choose a fit-size diaper for your baby.

       We usually select diaper sizes based on the child's weight. The specific weight and corresponding diaper size can be referred to in the table below.

Size NB S XL
Weight Range 0-5KG 4-8KG 6-11KG 9-14kg 12-17KG
Age Range 0-1 month 1-3 months  4-6months 7-12months 12-23months


Training Pants
Weight Range 9-14kg 12-17kg 15kg+ 18kg+
Age Range 7-12months 12-23months 23months+ 23months+

       In the early stage of the baby, we do not recommend stocking a lot of diapers, especially NB, S, and M sizes. The baby grows fast and will be unable to wear small sizes diapers soon.

      Weight is a point of reference, but it's also important to consider your baby's body shapes when shopping for diapers. Maybe different children have the same weight, but their body shapes may be different. At this time, parents should learn to judge whether the size of diapers is appropriate.

How to check if baby's size is right?

      Judging by the waistline, put diapers on the baby. The waistline of diapers should be close to the baby's waist, but not too tight. In addition, the waistline of the diaper should preferably be above the baby's navel. If it is below the baby's navel, the diaper is small. You should need to change the diapers timely. Then, look at the base of the baby's thigh, and an experienced mother will change the baby's diaper according to the tightness of the rubber band. If it is too tight and there is a streak mark on the heel of the baby's thigh, it means that the size is too small, and if it is not attached to the leg, it means that the diaper size is too large.

When should diapers be changed in size?

1. There are visible marks on the baby's thighs

2. The baby's urine is easy to leak

3. The baby is over the recommended weight for diapers

4. The waistline of the diaper is below the navel

5. The diaper waste sticker is attached to the outermost side

       Use diapers for the baby must avoid to use the inappropriate diapers size because the baby is uncomfortable. Wear too big diapers will affect the development of the baby's legs. Wear too small diapers will affect the baby's leg blood circulation. Therefore, parents must choose the appropriate size for their baby according to their needs.