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How to guide children to brush their teeth correctly

Oct 18,2022 | Acebabe

Dental health is an issue that affects everyone's health, both adults and children, so it's crucial to nurture children into the habit of brushing their teeth right from an early age.

How to help children form habits at different stages

0~6 months

When the child's deciduous teeth begin to grow one by one, parents should clean the inside and outside of the teeth with a clean gauze or finger-tip toothbrush and warm boiled water twice a day in the morning and evening.

3 ~ 6 years old

While exercising children's ability to brush their own teeth, cultivate children's interest in brushing their teeth, and use fluoride toothpaste (soybean size each time) to prevent dental caries. It is still recommended that parents re-brush the places that have not been cleaned.

Correct brushing posture

Brush the "outside" sides of the upper and lower teeth

The outer side is what we call the cheek side, the part close to the cheek. Start with the innermost tooth and the buccal side of the penultimate tooth, then move the brush to the penultimate and third tooth and the buccal side, and so on.

First, place the top of the toothbrush at the junction of the teeth and the gums. The bristles and the teeth should be at a 45-degree angle, then press slightly, vibrate about 10 times in a short horizontal distance, and then brush the teeth along the long axis of the teeth. face, brush up and down.

Brush the upper and lower teeth "inside"

The inner side is what we call the side close to the tongue, which is the side of the tongue. The method is the same as above.

Brush the inside of the front teeth

Mainly brush up and down. When brushing the lingual and palatal surfaces of the lower teeth, brush the handle upright.

Brush teeth chewing surface

Hold the toothbrush parallel to the teeth and brush back and forth in short distances with a little force.

 Brush your tongue

Brushing your teeth doesn't mean just brushing your teeth, you can't ignore your tongue, you can brush up and down.